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"Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken."
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08 February 2013

The Day I Refused to Reflect

I know I have not written in a while. I have let this semester get full swing and I am slightly backed up. I also joined the rugby team again for this next season. I am graciously falling in love with a wonderful man. I am doing well towards my goal of weightlifting/bodybuilding.
That is not the reason why I am writing. I am writing today because I almost got into a fight with my English teacher. She is very old fashioned and works inside a box. I have a selection from one of the first assignments. It explains how I feel about the wording of this assignment. I do not know the outcome as I am turning this assignment in today. What do you think about this?

To ask for a reflection so early in the assignment seems irrelevant and unnecessary. In all honesty, it is quite confusing. Fives weeks into the semester and there are minor writings gearing the class for the actual first paper leaves no room for reflection. There does not seem like enough time or a substantial amount of information on which to be reflected. A more fitting word to use would be “contemplation” or “deliberation”. Either of those words are suitable for conveying the importance of deep thought with an emphasis on the future or the present.
I am a present to future minded person. I have learned that in the past (by way of reflection) I have a tendency to dwell on or become enthralled with past events, hindering my thought processes that can propel me into the future. I have also learned, over time, the ability to think critically. Through this development, I discovered that a constant revisit to the past is as distracting as the colorful images on television that hide the truth from the public eye. It is as debilitating as the lies our government churns out to subjugate us into thinking that everyone, with enough drive and conviction, can live the American Dream.
Another word better suited for a young assignment would also be “intention”. This word (through the process of reflection) triggers the thought of an older gentleman asking a younger one “What are your intentions with my daughter?” To ask someone’s intention is a powerful gauge of that person’s worth. One of the bulleted items defining reflection are “the articulation of what learning has taken place, as embodied in various texts as well as in the process used by the writer.” Intention changes that statement into “the articulation of intended direction in interest to be learned and planned pursuits and processes to be used by the writer.” That, in turn, forces the student to think proactively, positively and honestly.
What are my intentions in writing this paper? I plan to write a paper that is circumferential to inciting a revolution. I wish to be the change I want to see in my world. I want to stop seeing people standing on the side not doing or saying anything. I want to help people understand that they are giving their rights away. The world is not a pretty place right now and too many people are content with that.

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