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21 January 2016

ISO Dom/Sir: 2nd Encounter

I will never blindly give away my trust, Sir.

I was recently in the beginnings of a relationship. It didn't last. I reached a level of trust with someone and they mistook it for more. And that reminds me of a conversation I had with a fan. This fan is what inspired me to start this blog post series. I had announced on Twitter that I had collared a Pup. He asked so many questions about the Pup culture. I was amazed at what little I had known. Over the course of my education of the Pup world, I was slowly introduced and taken into the leather community. As I went further down the rabbit hole, I discovered that I wanted to be in Dom/Sub relationship.
Back to the conversation, he had asked me numerous times within a few days the progress of finding a Dom. I was a bit shocked by the amount of repeat questions. He was approaching the search like a series of random hookups as if I was looking for an actual partner.
I told him that the process was slow and arduous. My search had to take time. The gentleman was taken aback by that proclamation. "It shouldn't take long for someone as handsome as you to find someone to be your Dom," he says.
"Just because someone says they know how to tie someone up doesn't mean I should trust them so readily," I retorted. And then the gravity of that statement set in him, as well as myself. I realized that there WAS nothing stopping someone from blindfolding me and gutting me like a pig or even inadvertently making a tourniquet or not hearing me say the safe word. There were so many possibilities.
That was when I made a change in my search. By turing it into RE-search. Asking questions of people who are experienced in the BDSM world. I discovered that there are people who spank/flog a bit harder. Some who push your limits ever so slightly. Some who follow strict guidelines of safety. Others who would rather please themselves while you writhe in your restraints for pleasure.
I am literally sitting two weeks away from my Bound Gods shoot. I'm excited and a bit scared. Especially when I have not done anything like that off camera. It would be interesting to see what happens.

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  1. Have you read John Preston's books, especially _Mr. Benson_ and _The Arena_? Those might interest you. Also the erotica of Aaron Travis really explores the limits of Dom/Sub relationships. These two are real masters of erotica who make it very difficult to read anyone else.