Sith Creed

"Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken."
-the Sith Creed

10 March 2017

The Day I Came Out

12 October 2016

The Day I Came Out

I sit on a thought
as I decide my fate
on an action I sought
where I never forgot
like throwing fire about the place
like the city of my birth
all in front of a world 
we are about to face

It's not the tone of our skin
or the city we're in
but the corruption
of our system so just
we protest peacefully
they send in the dogs
we detest peacefully
they launch their blogs
we reject peacefully
they disable our blogs
Yet we try to despise
the two jokers in disguise
and gleefully watch the circus of lies.
We have to die to vote
We serve time for a toke.
And with the highest dime
you can erase the crime!
From Benghazi and that girl you raped
To the hot gay Nazi and your supposed sex tape.
As you login to CNN
and get lost in the stories
As you dial into FOX
and get lost in the stories
As you tune into WSJ
and get lost in the stories
Because the media can help you feel
a certain kind of feel
that you never knew you could feel.
Always pitting man vs man
man vs woman
black man vs police man
native man vs foreign man
this machine of hate
where all of man
refuse to relate
to the fact that we are floating on a rock
held together with love
or whatever it is you think shines light
from above.

I think, then I talk.
I wink, then I walk.
Forever tick, forever tock
Only to come across
my body lined in chalk.
But I smile and I clown 
because I only want positivity all around.
Yet I discover the truth
like the death of a youth
or the strife of an American
inside a booth to vote
coerced to make a choice
between a liar and a joke
or the lust of an American
inside a booth to stroke
forced to hide his choice
of liberal thought and vote
or the education of an American
inside a booth so broke
forcing words until you choke.
Yet it's hardly any sound you use to speak.

Only embarked on this journey
in search of me
Yet here I am
back again
with a broken heart
and a shattered pride
falling apart
and cast aside.
And then he came
with a tear in his heart
and a tear on his face
I lightly touch
his skin
till it feels like a sin
and it makes
want to start all over again.
And yet there he is
the devil in charge
voted in by
the illusion of control
the illusion of choice
the illusion of democracy
the illusion of voice
Just, as it stands

Justice, it stands

-JT Reeves the 2nd

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