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"Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken."
-the Sith Creed

14 May 2018

Who is Pup Bacon and Why?

A few weeks back I was in Manchester and decided that would be a good chance for me to fully explore my Pup side. "Wruff!— Osiris (@OsirisBladeXXX) April 25, 2018" I fully enjoyed myself. I met other pups and a few handlers; swapped stories and the like.

This one handler stopped me one night and treated me as if I was a full on pup, or pup headspace, if you will. I wasn't and figured "ok, I'll take the bait". He took me to a dark corner of the bar and got me kinda naked. (I say kinda because, well, you see in the photo what I wore...) He began to rub my body and do small simple tricks like "shake", "kiss" and "sit". It was fun for a bit until I wanted some more beer. As a dog owner, I never give/gave my pets alcohol. So I tried to take my hood off and get some more beer; the guy stops me and goes to get more. By this point I'm out of the proper headspace and just tell him how it is. But he didn't understand, so I told him I was going to walk around and meet and greet and have fun like I planned. I then asked if he wanted to go for a beer and chat in a non-club music venue. He agreed.

The next time we met, I told him about my time in the Marines and how it changed my life. I explained to him about the importance of being a Marine and the correlation with my choice to become a Pup. I used the term "Devil Dog". It is a nickname the Marine Corps supposedly earned during WWI at the Battle of Belleau Wood. Even after telling him the history of the nickname, I didn't think he still understood. Maybe because he was still in the Dom/Sub mindset that is a large part of the HumanDog fetish play. And I get it. I'm here to deny what it is, nor shame it.

Every time I don that pup hood, I'm telling everyone that I fought for my rights. *chuckles* I always found it funny about most people who thank me for my service. My response: It was for selfish means, so you have nothing to thank me for. That never really made sense until I said that my rights are the ones I fought for while sitting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I paid the cost to live in America as an openly gay Black American.

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