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03 June 2011

A virus with no cure

So I found out today that I am an idiot. I disabled all comments and was wondering why this whole time. Then again I am still a bit new at this. So please bear with me. Sorry for asking you to leave a comment when I didn't make it possible.

And so, I will leave you with another one of my prized stories from my past deployment titled "Hunt for the yellow papers". I hope you enjoy it

The Roots of the Gagglefuck Tree Grow Strong

*2300 There were about 3 Marines walking around with flashlights. No one knew what they were doing, not even the Marines themselves. Kennedy was one of them. He was out by himself looking for four yellow pages.

*2330 Found out what those pages were. Apparently, classified BOLO lists, which I don't believe. Some how they blew away from the ECP during a sandstorm earlier in the day.

*0230 I saw a UFO flying by. Or at least two. I was kinda freaked out by it.

*0315 Uh. It flew by again and was able to get Earnest and Sterling to see it.

*0730 Finally off the tower and now being woken up. Wanted to sleep while on ORF. Had a feeling that wasn't going to happen. Didn't know what was going on when we drove to the BDOC but I had a feeling it was for the yellow pieces of paper. They were not found the night prior (and could be somewhere in the desert) and now with light outside, we had to look for them.

*0820 Forty minutes before the end of our shift, still no papers. The wind definitely blew them away. Had to of...

*0830 Yeah, they didn't blow away. They had them all along. Apparently, someone thought there were pages missing because the page numbers went: 2, 3, 4, 9. We went looking for classified NATO intel that didn't exist. And those pages that blew away... At the ECP the whole time. Things are fucking ridiculous...

--There you have it. One of my oldies but goodies. I am still working on my recap of the last few days of  my Georgian visit. Kinda hard to recap when your friends are not there to help you and on top of that they don't speak English that well.
And as a disclaimer, the names were changed to protect the innocent. Because they are innocent...


  1. Yay! Glad we can finally comment! Hope you received my e-mail indicating that no one could comment!

    You have a great blog. I like your style!

  2. James,
    I quickly read through your Georgia trip, at first I was iritated that the background was missing , dark thoughts flitting through your mind ,,,,,,,,, wife? ,,,,
    But I got to like the pieces of jigsaw that appear from time to time , maybe I would not enjoy it as much if I knew the background.