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06 June 2011

A yearn so pure

Well, I have solved the commenting problem. I didn't pay attention to what was being said.

I would also like to apologize for the wane in adventuring. But if you think about it, every adventure is preceded by a small break for repair, recharge, replenish, and any other "re-" action necessary for the next mission. And so keeping with the spirit of adventure. I found more notes from my deployment to Afghanistan.

     Kyrgyzstan- Feb 15th, 2010:
The stop over in Romania was not what I expected. Kinda disappointed but not. Didn't see any vampires, hell I didn't even get the chance to smoke. No one did. Apparently, the whole country didn't want us to smoke there. I also found it strange to walk through an international airport and see it empty. Like closed empty. Not empty because we are American troops traveling through. But empty because "we the people of Romania do not want to be responsible for the deaths of people by vampires". The place was deserted. And I am throughly convinced that vampires exist.

At the moment, I am sitting in Something-or-rather-stan. Waiting for our flight. There is a large GP tent. It is fucking cold. Somewhere around 22 degrees I heard. Now I am going to sleep because I don't know what else to do.

     Kandahar- Feb 16th, 2010
We landed in Kandahar at the same time as the sunset. The golden glow of the sun sank into the purple hue of the approaching night. The plane settled into its unloading position. We exited and went to a tent for a brief. So glad it is not cold here...

This base is a labyrinth of Hesco, Jersey, and Tee barriers. The darkness accentuated the gloomy maze in which anyone can get lost.

The morning shall prove different...

     Camp Leatherneck Day 2- Feb 19th 2010
Tensions grew high yesterday. I had to diffuse and redirect. Some of the Junior Marines do not understand what has to happen. Still bashing others for what they themselves do not know. This deployment will definitely be a test for everyone.

The fighting (against the Taliban) has gotten to the point where anything can happen. A Hymars Rocket is heard flying out of the base every so often. I am still ready for what this may bring.

--- Just a glimpse into the first few days of my second deployment. It was scary to be in a situation like that and not know what would happen next. Stories of ANA (Afghan National Army) turning on the very Marines who trained them.

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