Sith Creed

"Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken."
-the Sith Creed

23 July 2011

Piece of Meat

Well I had an interesting night last night. I proved that I can be a formidable foe at the strip club. I danced. I flirted. I made it known that I am truly the definition of masculine. I don't know what those guys thought.

I wasn't doing the same things the other boys were doing. I wasn't letting the clients do whatever they wanted. It was nice to know that I had that control and that power. *evil laugh*

But on the other spectrum, I am glad I am not like some of the other guys. Further degrading themselves. Like there was on patron who was giving me a dollar and the music abruptly changed which in turn caused me to stop dancing and the guy said "Aww. You broke the illusion." Uh... I am real. I don't do illusions. *shrugs*

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